All back from Namibia

Well its now been a couple of weeks since we returned from Namibia. (Missing it already ) For me it was a great adventure, once the flight delays were worked around and we had swapped out one of the vehicles.

From day to day we were presented with something different being either landscape or wildlife or both at the same time. The group bonded right from the start (Always a good thing ) I`ve got to commend Charles Ryan our guide ,who coordinated the trip from the Namibian end.
Between us we managed to keep the cost near to the pre pandemic price .

The actual trip covered nearly 3000 Kms of gravel roads. Everyone upped their photography skills and came back plenty of images. Ill post some of their images on this page at a later date..
I enjoyed the wildlife photography ,it was challenging, having to stay in the vehicles most times, but thats all part story.

Big thanks to Ian for the map. (He was the only one with a working phone )






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