There`s always a next time !

I was told this would either sink or fly……It sunk 🙁
However this was a worthwhile exercise, I learnt a lot printing ,balancing colours, layout . (No flash in all but first image ,all the others were painted with torch light and hidden spotlights used to back light) I won`t go on!) 🙂
Statment of intent
Photographing Zeljava Air Base, located several kilometres beneath the ground in Croatia has provided me with a unique opportunity to produce an evocative set of images based around a tightly defined theme.
This once majestic underground structure, originally used to house aircraft and personnel, providing early warning against nuclear air strikes/bombing raids is now an abandoned military relic, frozen in time.
Largely destroyed by the Yugoslav Peoples Army it now lays derelict and uninhabited. All that remains are old control cabinets, empty shells and rusting machinery. Amidst this cavernous ruin there’s evidence of explosions and this violent past contrasts starkly with its now eerie silence.
The people have long gone and although the network of tunnels remains there is an uneasy deteriorating internal landscape. I was struck by the contrast between Zeljava’s awe-inspiring military history and its now eerie remoteness-
Sentiments I have endeavoured to convey in my panel of images

150 words

“Dear Mr Walton
Further to your application for the Fellowship of The Society, I very much regret to have to inform you that on this occasion your submission is not being recommended to Council for the distinction.
The Applied Panel is made up of Fellows acknowledged as experts in their given discipline. They are appointed by Council on the recommendation of the Distinctions Advisory Board. Typically each Panel consists of a Chairman and 5 Panel members. The Panels do not always agree unanimously on a submission and it follows that advice given by an individual Panel member may not be that of the majority. The regulations used were those stated in the current RPS Distinctions Guidelines. These are available to download from The RPS website.
The Panel Acting Chairman states the reasons below;
The lighting and viewpoints are repetitive with a similar choice of lens being used throughout the set of images. There is a lack of creative compositions in many i.e. Image 14 where there is too much foreground.
Image 6 is not sharp and there are no obvious points of focus in many of the images. Overall the panel lacks pace and variety.
The lighting in many is below the standard we would expect at this level, the use of flash on camera in images 6, 8, 13, 15, 16 and 19 do not give a satisfactory effect. In image 7 the lighting is uneven and you can see the strong flash behind the pipe. Image 9 has poor lighting, no point of focus and the images lacks impact. Image 13 is over lit.
The inclusion of a person in image 1 does not fit with the rest of the panel. The choice of viewpoint in image 11 is weak – a lower camera angle to enhance the texture would have been and improvement. Image 20 does not have the correct depth of field and image 21 is not level.
Overall this set of images needed more photographer input and a perhaps the inclusion of close up details to give the panel more variety. A better selection of images and variety of approach when shooting on location is needed. The choice of paper and style of printing has not enhanced the overall feel of the panel.
Vanessa Slawson FRPS Acting Chair – Applied Panel”