About Kim

Kim was born and bred in Malvern,Worcestershire.

On leaving school he went straight into the Army where he got to travel the world.He saw lots of sights but wasn`t into photography at the time.Some thing he regrets.

In 1990 he left the Army and joined the MOD Police  in Herefordshire,where he met two long time friends Simon Green and Ray Bar ,both Army Photographers.

Kim took up photography and with Simon always on hand to help out ,a hobby became a way of life.

Helping Simon out on Workshops and arranging Photography courses abroad ,there was hardly time for work.

Kim retired from the Police in 2004 and started work in the IT industry a 9-5 job that enabled more planned  time off and more time for photography.

A member of Beacon Camera Club ,Kim became Program secretary which has given him access to many “named” photographers from whom he takes a lot of inspiration.


In 2011  Kim was accredited with ARPS for a Panel in the Natural History category and is working on a Fellowship qualification on Travel.

Kim Walton ARPS

Kim Walton ARPS

Kim Walton

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